Miscellaneous Rules

Rules and Regulations
Students can opt for studying at college during evening classes as well

Full day College (optional)

Students of Matric & Intermediate level can avail the option of “Full Day College” (from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm) to get the opportunity to produce better result. Details can be obtained from the information office.

Payment Rules

  • Students are liable to pay tuition fee for complete session. Tuition fee and allied charges are to be paid by 10th of billing month.
  • All outstanding dues must be cleared by 10th of the next month with fine; failing further the name of the defaulter shall be struck off from College Roll. In case student requests/applies for re-admission, he will clear all outstanding dues and attach receipt along with the application. The case will be discussed in the College Disciplinary Council. In case re-admission is allowed the management can charge the amount equivalent to admission fee; decision of the College Management will be final.
  • Fee once paid is not refundable.

Financial Assistance / Scholarship

  • The College Management undertakes responsibility to provide financial assistance to a student who loses his/her Father/Guardian during the course of studies in the institution, by exempting full tuition fee. The student however is required to pay other allied charges.
  • Limited seats are kept reserved on 100% scholarship in tuition fee for sons/daughters of shaheeds on open merit.
  • The management encourages the outstanding students who produce better results in the annual examinations. A liberal policy of merit scholarship is followed which is mentioned below:

Incentives on Matric Result

Muhammad Awais Afzal - First Position - Humanities - Federal Board - Askaria Education System
Muhammad Awais secured First Position in Matric Exam of FEDERAL BOARD 2017 with 980/1050 marks in Humanities Group
  1. A student who scores 95% marks in Matric is awarded 100% off in the tuition fee and admission fee in addition to that he/she will get Rs. 2000/- per month as cash scholarship. Student will deposit annual fund only.
  2. A student who scores 93% marks in Matric is awarded 100% off in the tuition fee and admission fee in addition to that he/she will get Rs. 1000/- per month as cash scholarship. Student will deposit annual fund only.
  3. A student who scores 90% marks in Matric is awarded 100% off in the tuition fee and admission fee. Student will deposit annual fund only.
  4. A student who scores 85% marks in Matric will get 75% off in tuition fee and 50% off in admission fee. Student will also deposit annual fund.
  5. A student who scores 80% marks in Matric will get 50% off in tuition fee.

Student will submit annual fund only.

Incentives on HSSC-I Result

  1. Student who scores 440-469 marks (80%-84.99%) out of 550, He/She will get 50% off in tuition fee for the next 12 months.
  2. Student who scores 470 or above marks out of 550, He/She will get 100% off in tuition fee for the next 12 months.
  3. Those students who improve their first year percentage as compared to their matric Percentage will get Rs. 100/- against each percent. Minimum level of improvement is 10%.
  • The college committee decides fee concessions for deserving students on merit, as per rules, on case to case basis.
  • Financial assistance/scholarship is linked with the performance/attendance of the student. All scholarships on matric basis are awarded for one year. The scholarship will only be continued if the student maintains the same percentage in HSSC 1 result.
  • Those students who would improve in XI year result, will also be awarded same scholarship for XII year only.
  • Note: Additional Details regarding current scholarships policy for Matric, Graduation and Masters level can be obtained from the information desk.

Leave Rules

Educational Trip - Askaria Education System
Askarians on field trip

The regular presence of a student in college is essential for better results. To ensure regularity in students, the parents/guardians are expected to adhere to the leave procedure given below:-

  • Leave application is sent to the Principal duly signed by Parent/Guardian for approval in advanceand no leave shall be entertained without application. Also any communicationregarding leave through telephoneis not accepted.
  • Leave shall not be granted for more than three days under normal circumstances.
  • For availing Medical Leave, the Medical Certificate from the concerned doctor must be attached with the application. Otherwise medical leave shall not be approved.
  • A fine of Rs.50/- per day shall be charged for any absence without approved leave. The student shall be Struck off from the College Roll in case of Six consecutive absentees without prior permission.

Send – Up Examinations

The college holds examination of all subjects before forwarding the names of students to the Federal Board & the University of Sargodha for final examination. Minimum 40% marks and 75% attendance would be required to qualify these send-ups.

College Uniform

All students are required to come to the college in a proper uniform. Improperly dressed students may not be allowed to attend the class.

Summer Uniform:

  • White shirt
  • Grey trousers
  • Black shoes with black socks

Winter Uniform:

Following additional items would be required:

  • Navy blue blazer
  • Navy blue sweater/pullover
  • Navy blue neck tie


Visitors are not allowed inside the classrooms. They can only see the student at the information desk with prior permission of the Principal/VP.

Telephone Calls

Only messages can be recorded at the reception. Students will not be called to attend the telephone calls.


To keep the environment healthy, students are expected to follow college rules rigidly in a good spirit. Following omission/ commission can render a student liable to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the College Disciplinary Committee:-

Disciplinary Committee - Askaria Education System
Oath taking ceremony of Disciplinary Committee
  • Violating orders/instructions of the college.
  • Willfully and deliberately damaging college property.
  • Cheating, stealing, and immoral conduct.
  • Guilty of any act of misconduct i.e. rudeness to staff.
  • Showing consistently poor performance in academics; and poor attendance.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the college campus. Confiscated phones will only be returned to the parents after one month.

College Disciplinary Committee

The college Disciplinary Committee comprises the principal and two nominated members of the staff. The committee is empowered to take cognizance of any violation of the college rules and commission of any offence by the student. The decision of the Committee will be final.

Parents Participation

Meeting with the Principal:

Parents/guardians are welcomed to discuss the progress of their child/ward with Principal by prior appointment on telephone. They can, however, send their suggestions in writing or meet Principal on Mondays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, without prior appointment.

Parent-Teacher Meetings:

In order to discuss the overall performance of the student, parents/guardians are expected to participate in the Parent-Teacher Meetings which are held at least three times (at the end of each 1st, 2nd, 3rd term) in an academic year.


About Askaria College

The institution aims at imparting quality education to its students, on most modern and scientific lines, in an environment of mutual respect and dignity in order to groom them into good human beings, competent enough to handle challenges of future life, with confidence. We help achieve self-reliance through knowledge and skills.

Contact Information (College)

Boys Wing Saddar Campus
Saif Ullah Lodhi Road,
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+92 (051) 5130 217-18-19

Girls Wing Saddar Campus
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Rawalpindi Cantt.
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+92 (051) 5130 050

(Rawalpindi Campuses)

Adyala Road Campus
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