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Askaria School Adyala Campus – Table Manners Day (24 Nov. 2017)

Askaria School Adyala Campus – Table Manners Day (24 Nov. 2017)

Teaching kids good table manners is an invaluable skill which will benefit them throughout their lives. Whether you are dining out in a restaurant or your own home, you can teach your child the basic table manners, so that they can enjoy dining with others as they mature.

Askaria Schools  have devised  a number of interesting and interactive events throughout the year that help us keep our pupils engaged in active learning. This particular event is designed to teach students about the importance of table manners.

Here are some important basic table manners:

Teach children to wash their hands before eating. This is an important table manner as well as a good hygiene practice. You could also have the children help in setting up table, whether at home or at someone else’s home.

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Encourage your children to Interact with each other as well as guests. Good table manners also include polite interactions at the dinner table. Every parent should teach their child how to politely ask for food, such as “May I please have the peanut-butter?”, or “Could you please pass me the juice?” Encourage your child to thank the fellow diner who would pass them food or cutlery. Also, encourage them to appreciate the food and discourage them from speaking negatively about the food as it is consider in polite and rude , especially when the cook is also sat across the table.

Parents should also their children from chewing the food with their mouths open. Many children are messy eaters and teaching them good table manners is essential. Also teach them that slurping food such as soup, or burping at the table is inappropriate.

Teaching good table manners to children in general will be appreciated by people who come into contact with them. Teach them that when they show respect to others, they will get respect in return.

November 28, 2017
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