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Program offered in Askaria College

Programs offered in Askaria

Askaria colleges cater distinctive academic choice ranging from Matric Science and Arts, F.A /F.Sc /I.Com /I.C.S at the intermediate level to B.Com /B.Sc /B.A at the undergraduate level. It also provides a Master degree with a specialization in either Accounting and Finance or Banking, depending upon the choice of its students. For all intermediate programs, Askaria Group of Colleges is affiliated with Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Whereas at the undergraduate level, a public university degree is awarded to students.

Askaria colleges provide best intermediate education at all campuses and to broaden its scope and elaborate the network of private colleges in Pakistan, it decided to initiate B.A and B.Sc programs as well. However, Askaria colleges have already proved its dedication and sincerity in the field of Sicenece and technology.

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